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Brief about Goa tourism

About the city

A place outside time - a tiny emerald speck on the west coast of India, tucked away snugly between the hills of the Western Ghats and the Arabian Sea lays the eternal holiday destination – Goa. A heady blend of serenity and excitement down a 100 km coastline, studded with some of the world's most beautiful beaches it imitates the look of the Iberian coast, with its tiled houses, imposing baroque churches, eternal carnivals and skirt clad, mantilla-wearing women.

Bestowed upon by innumerable gifts of picturesque landscape, sun drenched beaches, historic monuments, pleasant climate, culinary expertise and above all hospitable people creates Goa as the perfect destination to relax and chill. You can create your own kind of holiday at the Idyllic seaside stretches. Enjoy sun bathing in quiet secluded spot or choose the exhilarating thrills of parasailing, speed boating, water skiing, wind surfing and deep-sea diving. Once the capital of erstwhile of Portuguese colonial rule, Old Goa today is a serene locale dotted with majestic churches and imposing cathedrals. Enjoy a romantic evening under the starlit sky with luscious lobsters, jumbo prawns and other local seafood delicacies while a local musician captures the mood with every note he plucks on the strings of his guitar.